This year, the Club has entered 4 teams in the mid-Sussex league.  Together with internal championships and tournaments there is a wealth of games for players of all standards.

In addition, there will be a number of popular chess lectures arranged forclub members.

A number of chess events have already taken place.  In addition to the regular matches, there was been a very successful President’s Evening and a talk by Adrian.

John's Chess Talk

chess talk audience

The London System - A Black response

John took his audience through an exciting game played recently between Karjakin and Adams which featured a convincing win for Adams with the Black pieces against the popular London System.

It’s particularly relevant today due to this openings popularity at club level.  It advertises itself as an easy-to-learn, easy-to-play opening that puts great pressure on Black’s position with virtually no risk to White’s position.

However John convincingly shows that  Black does have an effective antidote.  The opening is played by top players for both White and Black and it is refreshing to see that Black has a strong reply, but only if he knows what he’s doing.

It is easy, as Black, to drift into an inferior psition without making any direct mistakes, so John’s revelations were both welcome and well-received at the club. 

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